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Top 3 Benefits to Mediating a Dispute

1) Voluntary - Mediation is a voluntary process. No one is forced to agree to anything they don't want to. Mediators and the parties have the option to end the mediation at any time.

2) Neutral - The mediators are neutral to the dispute. Mediators do not take sides, assign blame, or decide who is right or wrong. A good mediator will facilitate difficult discussions, helping the parties resolve the dispute on their own terms. Mediators do not provide legal advise but will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of positions taken. If participants need legal advice, they may consult with an attorney anytime during the process.

3) Confidential - Mediation is completely confidential with a few narrow exceptions. A mediator will break confidence only when a party expresses an intent to commit a felony, inflict bodily harm, or threaten the safety of a child under the age of 18. Mediators cannot be subpoenaed to testify in court or share anything about the mediation without the express written consent of the parties. If you would like additional information about mediation please call (970) 888-1375 for an initial consultation.


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