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Court Ordered Mediation

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

This is a very important but little know secret that most people don’t know and if you have an attorney probably won’t be told about either. The secret is, if you decide to take your dispute to court, whether it is a divorce or business contract case, you will be ordered by the judge to first mediate your dispute before the judge will give you a trial or hearing date. Yes, that means that after you have already spent thousands of dollars and months of your time, the judge will order you and the other party to attend a mediation with a qualified mediator to try and resolve the dispute with guidance from the mediator. The rational behind court ordered mediation is varied but it comes down to the fact that the courts are overburdened with cases, most of which should have never been filed in the first place. In addition, the parties are the ones in the best place to come up with solutions to their own problems and this can typically be accomplished by using an experienced and qualified mediator. Mediation is typically successful 80% of the time, giving much needed closure to the parties and relieving the court from having to expend scarce resources.

This is why I advise all disputing parties to first try and mediate the dispute before lawyering up and running to the court house. Parties are astounded to find through mediation they are actually able to tell their side of the story, save thousands of dollars, save months and sometimes years of fighting in court, and resolve a dispute with terms and conditions that the parties agree are acceptable.

Given the current health climate, you will be relieved to know Skip Court Mediation has offered and conducted video conference mediation

using technology and video conferencing since 2018 and will continue to do so at a reduced hourly rate of $75/per hour per party.

If you find yourself in the beginning stages of a nasty dispute or have already been court ordered to mediate, give Skip Court Mediation a call today, (970) 888-1375.


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