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Colorado Evictions

In Colorado the eviction process is time consuming and costly. You could easily end up paying $2,000 and spend nearly a month in court before the eviction process is completed and if you make any missteps with the filing the court may require you to start the entire process over again. I encourage disputing parties that find themselves in the eviction process to consider mediation as a better way to resolve the eviction dispute. I will bring both parties together in a safe and controlled environment to discuss all the outstanding issues like amounts due and owing and how and when the property will be turned back over to the landlord or changes to the existing lease. If an agreement is reached, we will assist the parties in drafting the agreement (Memorandum of Understanding) which is a binding document that can be used by either party to enforce the terms if one of the parties breaches the agreement. Most eviction mediations can be completed in 2 hours or less and for a fraction of the cost to pursue an eviction in court. If you have an eviction situation and would like to know how eviction mediation could help save you time and money, call Skip Court Mediation today (970) 888-1375 for a free initial consultation.


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